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Pharmaceutical industry : Pharmaceuticals industries is one of the largest emerging industries. Medicines , drugs are usually packaged under plastic containers , droppers , sprays with different sizes. Perfect Plastics is happy providing all this packaging articles to various widespread clients. Our in-house manufacturing and production makes us stand different from others for controlling the quality as well as budget for the client. Weâve been working under this industry since 5 years. Irrigation Industry : Irrigation industry has benifited since ages to mankind for saving water and making optimum use of water and getting the Maximum productivity out of it from farms. Connectors, Sprinklers, Foggers, Start Nipples, End caps, pipe lines etc of various sizes are manufactured at our in-house plant in Pune. Customers : Netafim Irrigation, Paragon Irrigation. Engineering : Engineering articles used in various Multi National companies and automobile sector has been produced on customer. This also helped us to grow into competitive markets. Electrical : Electric industry requires a ton of various plastic components of which we have expertised many of them in production. Components with inserted screws or bushes are possible because of our facility of insert moulding. Customers can contact for any new development happily Household sector : When it comes to household use of plastic products, market of it is vast beyond thinking. As being a manufacturer, customers requirements with bulk quantities will be entertained and itâs also profitable for customers as thereâs no intermediate person like dealers, wholesalers. Feel free to contact for any requirements and developments.